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Guest posting is a smart SEO tactic! But what many people fail to realize is that tactful and original guest posting can actually become one’s  career. Today, the majority of writers attempt to write a guest post with the “quantity over quality” mindset. But that’s not the right way to do it. When you follow the correct tactics, your guest post can provide you with many benefits such as an increasing list of email subscribers, as well as Google ranks that other companies yearn for. Also, with a smart guest posting tactic you will be able to fulfill all your content marketing objectives quickly and with ease.

In order to make make this work for you, it’s essential to follow a few rules. Most writers create a guest post with the objective of exposing themselves to a new online reader base and also to increase web traffic. Not many bloggers attempt to write guest posts that would make a difference to the lives of the readers. Most guest posts are generic and do not offer new information to readers.

So, do you want your guest post to be one of a kind? Do you want to write a successful guest post that will fulfill your marketing objective while also gaining the required publicity? Here are essential tactical elements to use as your guiding tools.

Avoid Linking to Your Home Page

Typically, a guest post allows you to add a link to your website in the author bio section. This will link typically directs the readers back to your homepage. As an excited blogger, you will also probably fail to perceive or plan your guest posting strategy and simply link to your homepage. However, you should think where do you want your readers to be channeled. Although home pages most of the times have well-done content, you should think differently and direct your readers  towards more particular information.

For example, if your objective may be to increase your email subscribers list and reach out to people who are searching to find out how to do guest posts. In order to achieve this, you could do the following.

  • Generate a free giveaway to your niche –  Consider writing an eBook about a particular topic for your niche. This topic might also interest another leading group in your (or similar) niche.
  • Make an ad or landing page for this eBook – Offer a free eBook to all people who subscribe to your newsletter list.
  • Create guest posts on closely associated topics – Create guest posts on closely related topics and just link back to the landing page or the ad. Even if you don’t do that, you will successfully channel people towards your eBook.

When you direct people to random homepage and blog post, you are simply wasting their time. Since you won’t get much out of that link, you were also wasting time on writing that guest post.

Follow Up Your Guest Post By Sister Posts

Do you know the coolest thing you can do regarding your guest post? You can increase its popularity by following up with a few sister posts! As you curate your blog post, mention an influential blogger. It will set the pace for other bloggers to pick up the clue and tweet about yours in their guest posts. This will also help you gain web traffic. And as you keep doing this, you can get many mentions for one guest post on different sites, social media etc. Other than enjoying the ongoing advantages, this step will make you feel acknowledged and relevant amidst a pool of other successful bloggers.

Mention Other Eminent Niche Bloggers in Your Post

It’s a smart move to add or mention a few relevant bloggers of your domain in your guest post. It will help your blog look more relevant and to make it to other sites that have high organic traffic and visibility. this also helps building your online brand presence. Benefits of mentioning prominent niche bloggers in your posts are as follows:

  • It connects you with experts.
  • When you write in a handy Tweet or email before making the guest post live, you can leverage the power of their list of contacts. Majority of the times, they might tweet about your guest post and link themselves with the content. It’s also an easy guest post promotion tactic.
  • It helps you get connected with ace bloggers directly. The moment you share your guest post, they’ll get some idea about you. It will encourage them to read your post as you send it.

Such professional networking is beneficial. It ensures that your guest post appears in relevant and authentic websites.

Write the Guest Post with a Ten-Year Strategy in Mind

The real advantages of guest posting are cumulative. You gain more as you post more. Once you publish a guest post, it’s natural to wait for the inflow of new followers and fresh subscribers. You might spend a lot of time checking the statistics and measuring the progress of the post in social media platforms. But you need to realize something more important here! Write the guest post with a ten-year strategy in mind! Give importance to the initial tweet and traffic inflow.

Gradually, you need to be keener on the way the guest post grows over time. So, go ahead and ask yourself a few critical questions, to assess the real success of your guest blog.

  • Does the guest post rank good for a chosen keyword phrase? If yes, then will it benefit your website and objectives?
  • Did the guest post help you make new contacts across your industry?
  • Did your guest post add to your brand reputation and authenticity in your niche category?
  • Did your guest successfully stir a conversation either in the guest post or outside?

Answering these questions is essential. If you wish to write guest blogs that generate fruitful and positive results for the forthcoming years, you also need to do proper keyword research. Also, make a list of topics for guest posting and decide on the issues that you want to cover. The idea is to make your guest post a rich, timeless and informative resource that people would love to read and share with other readers. Take a look at some of the most popular SEO blogs to get an idea how timeless and rich content is created.

Your Guest Post Must be a Part of Anchor Text Strategy

Simply put, anchor text refers to the text used while linking a post.  Your anchor text selection has a major role in search engine ranking. Relevant and useful backlinks assist you to rank better in search engines. And the anchor text of the backlinks impacts the precise keywords you are ranking for.

As you create a guest post, make sure you do your keyword research. You must also know the essential phrases that you wish to get ranked for, depending on the organic web traffic they generate and their competitiveness. Create your guest post in a way that Google appreciates it for over ten years. In order for your guest post to evolve, it needs to have a proper anchor text strategy and linking strategy in mind.

Guest posting has got its own set of rules and you also want to stick to those. For example, you should always be original, include references and provide readers with useful external links relevant to the topic your guest post is about. You need to follow these rules if you want your guest post to be read and shared across social media channels and other websites.

That’s it! It’s that simple. When creating your next guest post, follow these 5 rules and you will definitely notice a positive difference.