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Guest posts are an ideal means for building relevant links to your site from authoritative sites within your niche. Every blogger is on the lookout for content, and the majority will take the opportunity of adding great content to their blog which readers will thoroughly enjoy. The most challenging part of using a guest post as a strategy for developing links is the first step- to find guest post opportunities. Take a look at some of the best strategies that will work wonders to help you discover these opportunities.


Some Tried and Tested Strategies

How to do find guest posts opportunities? Is this question bothering you? Relax as here comes your solution.

  • Leverage Personal Connections- An excellent way to start is by leveraging your personal connections. Most people have connections in the industry or are merely friends with blogs. Send them a text message, an email, a tweet, an IM or whatever it takes. Always be courageous as burning a bridge through an aggressive approach is the last thing that you should do. Do not feel afraid to ask. People who own a website always need content, and if you have a connection with these people, it is already a good trust factor. In these situations, setting up an arrangement for a guest post will be hassle-free.


  • Use the Blog like a Billboard- When you have blogs you have readers. Some of these readers presumably have websites or blogs that need content. Should they reach your site, you will know that these people trust your opinion. Put up a blog informing readers about your availability for guest posts. You can list the topics of expertise and also topics on which you have the interest to write on. The response that you get will be incredible.


  • Ask for Opportunities- This is the age of social networking. Be it Twitter or Facebook, ask for an opportunity for a guest post. Along with connecting with friends through websites or blogs, you can also at the same time continue the conversation with friends who have friends owing sites or blogs. This second-tier connection indeed is vital. A Twitter or Facebook message will be less direct.


  • Search for Opportunities- Often people use Twitter for finding guest post opportunities only from those they have a connection with. Twitter comes with a search feature too which can prove handy in finding guest posting opportunities. These days most established blogs tweet just about every new post. Bloggers love tagging the guest poster within their Tweet to connect with their followers along with their own. You can search Twitter for different phrases such as write for us, blog for us, writers needed, guest blogger or guest post. This way you can easily find blogs that are accepting guest blogs already or looking for writers actively. If the blog that you approach is well-accustomed with the process of guest posting, then chances are they will be open to your offer for sure.

  • Network for Them- Facebook is a platform for people with whom you are friends; Twitter is a medium for those with whom you wish to be friends while LinkedIn is for those with whom you do not want to be friends. But LinkedIn nevertheless is an underutilized tool with regards to finding an opportunity to find a guest post. LinkedIn is a highly professional network which means you will be connected to those within your niche and them likewise. It means you have higher chances of your request being heard.


  • Google It- To look for your niche and blogs will be a highly intuitive and quick means to search relevant blogs for your domain. After finding a blog of your interest check if they have a guest post system and accepted any guest post earlier.


  • Google Blog Search- Google Blog Search is another useful step. Though searching on Google will be an excellent means for finding niche blogs, but Google Blog Search will help you in locating blogs in niches that are closely related or bigger blogs that has a category for the niche yet are not focused on it entirely. It will act as a hidden gem to help you find a guest blog opportunity.


  • Guest Blog Post Community- This is a community expressly built with the aim to help bloggers in connecting with guest writers. Though you will not find the best and the biggest blogs in your industry on these networks it will be an excellent place in getting the feet wet through guest posting. Two of the biggest networks include BlogSynergy and My Blog Guest.


  • Forum Communities- No matter it is in a forum such as DigitalPoint or a forum tailored exclusively for your niche, these will act as a wonderful means to find a guest post opportunity. Do not ever open an account especially on any new forum and beg for a guest post immediately as this will create a negative reputation. Instead, get involved and network with active community members and move ahead.


  • Blogger Directories- When you think of blogger directories, Alltop and Technorati probably come to mind. These directories can help you find the best blogs within your industry and make you aware of the A-listers for your niche.


  • Craigslist- You will often come across posts on Craigslist where people are looking for website owners or bloggers in search for article writers, so why not approach them? Explain why you are an authority within your industry and how much the audience will admire your expertise. You are aware that these people need more content, and since you already have an account on Craigslist, just post an ad highlighting your availability for guest posting.

  • Leverage Previous Guests Posts- Typically guest posts have a byline, and the bloggers use this space for adding links to the target site and also social media profiles for gaining more fans and followers. Why not mention that you are available for a guest post opportunity?


  • Interact with Commenters- After landing a guest post and getting the same published successfully on a blog, always stay on top when it comes to the comment section. It will offer you an excellent opportunity for networking with the blog followers that you had guest posted on. Some of them are likely to have blogs within the domain so via rubbing elbows with these people you can create more guest blog opportunities. Feel free to ask.


  • Go Back for Seconds- Make repeat guest posting on blogs notably if your first post succeeded to generate followers or traffic. This is a chance to grow a network and an audience. Guest posting is a strong link building tactic yet at the same time is also a good PR strategy. In fact, the more you will provide to a community automatically the more people will see you as an authority. Take every opportunity of guest post you can get for best results.

So now you know how to find opportunities for guest posts, right? Hurry to make the most of it.